Center History

Seven superintendents have served at the NMSU San Juan Branch Experiment Station and more recently the Agricultural Science Center at Farmington: Dr. A.E. Stewart, Dr. E.J. Gregory, Dr. M.K. O'Neill, Mr. R.N. Arnold and Dr. K.A. Lombard (current), respectively. Numerous faculty, staff, academic students, and seasonal assistants have dedicate their research and educational efforts to the mission of the Center. Interns serving at ASC Farmington have been funded through grants and by the Jose Fernandez Chair, National Indian Youth Council, and the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI). The research and educational programs have been mainly conducted at the Center's 254 acre site under a 66 year lease since 1967 and is located on the Navajo Nation Reservation southwest of Farmington, New Mexico.

Image of Education at Farmington ASC