High Irrigation

Plants listed under the 'High Irrigation' classification are still xeric but appear to exhibit their best quality when irrigated with at least 6-10 gallons of water per square foot of canopy per week during the summer.

Taxonomic Section


Aster Family

  Lanceleaf coreopsis

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  Name: Lanceleaf coreopsis, Coreopsis lanceolata
  Type: Herbaceous perennial
  Seasonal color: Yellow bloom
  Bloom period: Late spring to summer
  Mature height x spread: 1-2ft x 1-1.5ft
  Zones: 4-8
  Feature: Prefers sandy and sandy loam soil types
  Light: Full sun

  Maximilian sunflower

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  Name: Maximilian sunflower, Helianthus maximiliani
  Type: Perennial
  Seasonal color: Golden yellow bloom
  Bloom period: Late summer to fall
  Mature height x spread: 3ft x 3ft with 10ft flower stalks
  Zones: 4-8
  Feature: Butterflies, hummingbirds and wildlife
  Light: Full sun

  Purple coneflower

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  Name: Purple coneflower, Echinacea purpurea
  Type: Perennial
  Seasonal color: Rosy purple bloom
  Bloom period: Late spring to frost
  Mature height x spread: 4ft x 2ft
  Zones: 4-8
  Feature: Good cut flower
  Light: Full sun

  Shasta Daisy

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  Name: Shasta Daisy, Chrysanthemum maximum
  Type: Perennial
  Seasonal color: White bloom
  Bloom period: Summer to autumn
  Mature height x spread: 2-4ft x 2ft
  Zones: 3-9
  Feature: Use as border plant and cut flowers
  Light: Full sun


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  Name: Southernwood, Artemisia abrotanum
  Type: Woody perennial
  Seasonal color: Inconspicuous yellow bloom
  Bloom period: Late spring
  Mature height x spread: 3ft x 3ft
  Zones: 4-8
  Feature: Small blue-purple fruit
  Light: Full sun


Trumpet Creeper Family

  Trumpet vine

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  Name: Trumpet vine, Campsis radicans
  Type: Deciduous vine
  Seasonal color: Orange tubes with scarlet lobes
  Bloom period: Late summer
  Mature height x spread: 30ft spread
  Zones: 5-9
  Feature: Cultivar 'Flava' has yellow blooms
  Light: Full sun


Evening Primrose Family

  Hummingbird plant

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  Name: Hummingbird plant, Zauschneria californica
  Type: Shrubby perennial
  Seasonal color: Scarlet tubular trumpet bloom
  Bloom period: Early autumn to frost
  Mature height x spread: 1-2ft x 2-4ft
  Zones: 5-8
  Light: Full sun

  Ozark sundrops

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  Name: Ozark sundrops, Oenothera missouriensis
  Seasonal color:
  Bloom period:
  Mature height x spread: ft x ft


Lizard's-Tail Family

  Yerba mansa

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  Name: Yerba mansa, Anemopsis californica
  Type: Perennial forb/herb
  Seasonal color: White
  Bloom period: Early spring
  Mature height x spread: 1.5ft x 2ft
  Zones: 4-9
  Feature: Moderate vegetative spread rate
  Light: Full sun